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The AlignMore Wedge Pillow by Thera-Works™ has our patent-pending design. This pillow supports the spine in the neutral position while sleeping. The half-circle cut-out section alleviates uncomfortable pressure in sensitive areas. Can be used for all sleeping positions: back, stomach, and side sleepers alike!

Product Benefits:

  • Unique design neutralizes the position of the spine while sleeping
  • Perfect degree of incline and elevation
  • Sleep more soundly and wake up rejuvenated 
  • Use it with any sleeping position (back, stomach, side)
  • Manufactured with premium, fast rebound memory foam, soft, breathable, and washable 3D mesh fabric

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Our Promise:

  • Free shipping on all US orders over $50
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee within 60 days of purchase

Please Note:
Please allow 24-48 hours for the pillow to regain its' proper shape after unpackaging for the first time.

Question 1: What makes Thera-Works™ products different from similar products on the market?

Answer 1: All Thera-Works™ products are produced from high quality materials, designed with special attention to detail, and sourced from the finest manufacturers. Each Thera-Works™ product has been personally approved for quality by it's founder and intended for daily use to help you "Love Your Life" again.

Question 2: Can chronic pain be alleviated by a consistent PT, stretching, or exercise routine?

Answer 2: YES! Consult a medical professional before starting any physical therapy, stretching, or exercise routine. It's shown that a consistent routine can have many benefits including improved joint flexibility, increased joint mobility, blood flow and strengthening the muscles around weak, painful joints to increase joint stability. Physical therapy can help you treat and manage chronic pain with the need for potentially addictive medications or invasive surgeries. Proper form and consistency are the keys to achieving best results. 

Question 3: How often should I be stretching? 

Answer 3: Each person is different and should speak with a medical professional before determining this answer. My personal experience and what has helped to manage my own pain, has been a daily routine of 20-30 minutes. Remember to warm up your muscles before you begin and hold each stretch pose for a minimum of 30-45 seconds if possible. Only stretch to the point of mild discomfort and if you feel pain...stop immediately and consult a medical professional. 

Question 4: What are the specific stretches and exercises that I should be doing to help alleviate my chronic pain? 

Answer 4: This is a question that needs to be posed to your doctor or medical professional. Do not try to execute your own plan before speaking with them. Your specific needs may vary from the next person and require a different approach, using different tools of the trade. 

Question 5: Can physical therapy, stretching, and exercise be harmful to my health?

Answer 5: YES! There is always a risk of injury or re-injury when performing these acts. All physical therapy, stretching, and exercise routines should be designed and approved specifically for your individual needs by a medical professional. 

Question 6: Can I stay informed about latest products from Thera-Works™ and the benefits they might offer?

Answer 6: YES! Subscribe to our "Latest Product Updates" in the box below and we'll let you know when we come out with something great that might help you "Love Your Life" again! 


Please Note: Information and products on this website are not intended to replace any advice from your doctor or medical professional. Please consult a medical professional first. Thera-Works™ shall not bear any liability for reliance by users on the products and information contained on this website.

"These are simply techniques and products that I personally use on a regular basis to help alleviate my chronic pain."  

Scott Grollnek - Founder

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I recommend this product
Align-more pillow did not work for me

I am a side sleeper. I could not find any position at all comfortable with the pillow under my hips, ribs, anywhere. It was a bit helpful between my legs for a little while.


Hi Patricia, Thank you for your feedback with regards to the AlignMore Wedge Pillow. I'm so sorry that you weren't able to find any relief from this product. Results can definitely vary from person to person, based on their specific issues. I just want to make sure that when you positioned the pillow, the cut-out section was facing toward your feet? We would be happy to refund your purchase amount if you might be able to return the item to us with all of it's original packaging. You can mail it back to: Thera-Works 9783 East 116th Street #100 Fishers, In. 46037 Thanks again and please let us know how else we might be able to help. Regards, Scott

Susan J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Helps with more than just back pain

Full disclosure, I don't have back pain from sleeping; but, I'm severely arthritic and I tend to toss and turn all night because some part of my body or another gets uncomfortable. This pillow helps keep my hips in better alignment, which keeps my knees in better alignment, which means far less tossing and turning at night.

Erin B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great product that really worked!

I have been having backpain while sleeping for several months maybe even a year now. We even got a new high end mattress and that didn't help completely alleviate the pain. It was mostly in my lower back and near the tailbone. I have been using the AlignMore pillow for 10 days now and I no longer have any back pain at all. I can't believe it! I am not one to try things like this, but my husband researched and found it. I can't say enough good things about this product!

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