Let Us Help You Manage Your Chronic Pain

"I personally guarantee that our products will make a difference in your life... or your $$$ back."

Back Pain Pillow  Stretch Strap

You deserve to "Love Your Life" again!

Thera-Works™ is a brand that was created from personal experiences and a necessity to find products that work more effectively in helping to manage chronic pain.

Our mission is to find, test, and offer the most effective, non-medicinal, therapeutic aid type products that truly have the ability to help alleviate chronic pain and stiffness. People suffering from sore or stiff joints caused from an active lifestyle, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and stenosis or those that may be looking for additional tools to incorporate in their pre/post exercise or PT routines, may find our products to be highly beneficial.    

Scott Grollnek, founder of the Thera-Works™ brand is also inventor of the original patent pending "AlignMore Pillow" & the patent pending "Cervical Stretch Strap". He is not a doctor or physical therapist - rather, he is  here to share his personal experiences, things that have worked wonders for him, and hopefully help others to achieve a better quality of life. Please consult a medical professional before using any of our products.

After years of living with back pain from being on his feet all day, performing high energy sports and activities, a back surgery, and too many trips to the chiropractor, Scott realized he wouldn’t be able to live the rest of his life this way. He was officially diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, stenosis, and some early arthritis in his back and neck. Scott knew there was no cure for this diagnosis, and ended up slumping into a state of depression. He couldn't live every day with the chronic pain he was experiencing, and his outlook on life was grim.  

Scott needed to find a way to alleviate and manage his daily pain level that was sucking his will to get out of bed every day. He knew that pain medication was temporary and a dangerous option that wasn’t sustainable. After exploring some routine physical therapy options, he realized that he was able to lower his daily pain level by 3 - 5 points (if performed consistently). When exploring the different tools and devices that were available on the market to assist with his PT routine, he wasn’t able to find exactly what he needed to achieve the effective results he was really hoping for… so he designed them himself!

The use of our two patent pending products - AlignMore Pillow and Ultimate Stretch Strap- alone, incorporated into a PT routine and sleeping routine, was the key to Scott's pain management. Once he realized how much these two devices were able to help him with his chronic pain, his state of mind and outlook on life were renewed. Scott knew he had to share them with others that might be experiencing similar issues. This was the foundation and the start of the Thera-Works™ brand.

The Thera-Works™ brand was created to share the devices, tools, and theories that Scott has personally used to help alleviate his own chronic pain caused by an active lifestyle.  These items have changed his outlook on life and allows him to happily participate again. He knows that they can help you too. You deserve to "Love Your Life” again!

Please Note: Everyone is different and may require a different approach. Please consult a medical professional before using any Thera-Works™ products, as there is always the possibility that they may cause more pain or injury if not used correctly. If you are experiencing pain, STOP using the product immediately and consult a medical professional.


"I personally guarantee that our products will make a difference in your life... or your $$$ back!"

Scott Grollnek - Founder